Kids Party

In O.A.K.A Indoor Climbing we have lovingly designed an amazing space where we host the most beautiful and fun children’s parties.

Come climb walls full of colorful holds, wind ladders that reach the sky, take off swings, jump on trampolines and tickle slides.

The climbing as well as the activities that can be carried out in our space, will excite our little friends, letting their impetuous energy push them to the peaks of their creative imagination.

Every single party is divided into four parts:

• 1st Part Children are introduced to the sport through survivor games and recreational activities such as relay races, speed, ingenuity and a combination of sports skills. Aiming at the development of team spirit as well as competitive spirit.

• 2nd Part All children under the supervision of our experienced instructors try to climb the climbing walls and surpass themselves. Bungee trampoline is offered as an additional activity.

• 3rd Part After this part is completed, it is followed by the extinguishing of the cake and then lunch or dinner (depending on the time the party starts).

• 4th Part Part of the party is dedicated to further engaging the children with whatever climbing activity piqued their interest.

Our kid’s parties include:

• Trainers – Entertainers
• Climbing team games
• Climbing walls from 8 to 13 meters
• Climbing a 13 meter rope ladder
• Trampoline
• Bungee trampoline
• Climbing & slide
• Team games


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