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Climbing is a demanding sport, but also a simple and essential example for understanding how we can improve on a personal and team level.

For a climber to be successful, must be prepared properly. He assesses his strengths and weaknesses, learns the risks, takes into account the environment, chooses his partners, prepares his tools and when the conditions are suitable for action, decides whether or not to attempt the procedure with the corresponding risks. When he makes the decision, he will have the desired result in mind and the corresponding feeling.

The adventure sport of climbing is a test for more than one person. There are alternating roles and we all bear the responsibility of success or failure together. The business is achieved when we succeed in realizing the goal we set from the beginning.

Risk management, collaboration, assigning roles, trusting relationships, self-confidence, leadership are the skills that are developed through games and procedures by our experienced trainers, in a pleasant space, in the most fun and essential way.


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